6 Reasons to visit the Northern Drakensberg

Posted on Wed November 21, 2018.

Visiting the Northern Drakensberg is something that is a routine part of so many families lives. The Northern berg has become a continued and growing favourite amongst people for yearly vacations and rightfully so.

Taking some time out and enjoying a bit of an adventure away from the big city means you’re leaving behind the hustle and bustle, the buzz, the noise, the buildings and the night lights to enjoy some peace and quiet amongst the mountains. Wake up to picturesque views and fresh air; and experience star gazing as far as the eye can see on cloud free nights, the Drakensberg is a destination not to be ignored.

With so many people visiting the Drakensberg year-round but not being fully sure of all that it has to offer, we thought we would share 6 reasons to enjoy a trip into the Northern Drakensberg region, ensuring that your time in the mountains will be filled with fun, adventure and some picturesque downtime whilst you’re there.

One of the most popular reasons the Northern Drakensberg sees so many visitors and tourists throughout the year is the world-renowned Amphitheatre. The Amphitheatre is one of South Africa’s most impressive cliff faces, over 5 kilometres in length and features cliffs rising roughly 1220 meters along its entire length. The valley floor is over 1830 meters below the highest point of the amphitheatre and is where you can find most photographers capturing the breath-taking beauty that is the amphitheatre in its entirety. What’s more, the Tugela Falls – the world’s second largest falls – plunge over 948 meters from the amphitheatres cliff tops, how incredible?

Drakensberg Amphitheatre

(Image courtesy of: Drakensberg Hiker)

Which brings us to our next point…

The Tugela FallsHiking to the world’s second largest waterfall – The Tugela Falls – is the next reason we think visiting the Northern Drakensberg should be a bucket list item if you haven’t already. Considered one of the best hike’s in KZN, hiking to the Tugela Falls takes you through the Royal National Park along pathways that are filled with wild flowers, Yellowwood forests and some incredible wildlife and birdlife for you to enjoy. Although the hike is 3 hours to the top and another 2 to descend, it is not one that is considered strenuous and can be enjoyed by most so be sure to pack your hiking boots if you’re visiting anytime soon!

Continuing this motion of physical and adventurous activities, are the next on our list of reasons to visit the Drakensberg. Although not everyone’s cup of tea, experiencing the mountain biking and running trails that the Northern Drakensberg has to offer is a fantastic way to really experience the outdoors. Take in the eights, the smells, the views, the wildlife, the birdlife and the flora that the Northern berg has to offer whilst getting that exercise in.

Hiking through the Drakensberg Mountains

(Image courtesy of: Getaway Magazine)

Exercise not entirely your thing? Moving on then…

We mentioned that the Amphitheatre is one of the reasons the Drakensberg sees so many visitors annually, however there is one more golden nugget that tends to draw people to the Northern Drakensberg and that is the chance to experience legitimate San Paintings.  Yes, it is true, Bushmen and San people used to occupy the area many, many years ago and it is now a privilege for us to get to experience their history and their culture through the delicate galleries of their art that can be found in caves all over the Drakensberg. Enjoy a hike through the Royal National Park with well-prepared guides who will endeavour to give you the best tour of the caves possible. Apart from this, you can enjoy spectacular views of the Amphitheatre from the route as well as any flora, wildlife and birdlife that may be lurking nearby.

San Paintings

(Image courtesy of: zulusafaris.com)

Whilst we are on the topic, wildlife and birdlife that can be found throughout the Northern berg makes our list for obvious reasons. South Africa is home to some incredible and rare wildlife and birdlife that you won’t see anywhere else in the world, so use your time in the berg whilst you are visiting the Amphitheatre, Mountain Biking, Trail Running or visiting the Bushman Paintings to spot the wildlife and birdlife that the Northern berg has to offer.

Wildlife And Birdlife In the Drakensberg Mountains

(Image courtesy of: South African Hotels)

With all this adventuring and outdoor activity taking place, it is important to take some time out, stop, and enjoy the endless and picturesque views that the Drakensberg is home to – the last and final reason you should take a trip to the mountains. With so many incredible mountains, cliff faces, rivers and trails, you are bound to come across some of the most breath-taking views in the world so be sure to have a camera handy and capture the moment because believe us when we tell you, you’ll want to relive it over and over again.

If we’ve caught your attention and you’re ready to come and experience the Drakensberg Mountains then be sure to get in touch with us today to book your stay!